Please note that we are launching BitSpider 2.0. in early April 2019 and discontinuing the services of our first generation platform.

In order to future-proof our business we decided to move the business to Estonia.

All our beta customer that have been test trading with BitSpider UG, Germany are requested to withdraw their holdings by 31.03.2019.

If you fail to withdraw your funds, please contact us by sending an email to and we will process your funds once we have confirmed your identity.

Our beta customers un-withdrawn total funds are:

107.24 0.20356495 1.13707078

BitSpider 2.0 will be available here

Second generation BitSpider platform is a meta-exchange that collects orders from other exchanges through open APIs and allows them to be traded in one place. In addition to obvious convenience, this functionality greatly increases liquidity for BitSpider clients.

The vault of a second generation platform is built on a Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide highest security. The used standard FIPS140 is also used by the US military.

We will inform you as soon as the second generation platform is launched.